How to Create a Bittrex Account – Trade, Deposit, and Withdraw Funds.

It’s not recommended to keep large amount of money on exchange sites, it’s HIGHLY recommended to keep them somewhere SAFE, for example, desktop wallet, offline wallet or hardware wallets such as Ledger, Trezor or KeepKey.

Bittrex does not accept any sort of bank deposits/withdraw nor any fiat.

All trades have a 0.25% commission.

  • How to Create an Account on Bittrex
  • How to Fund your Bittrex Account with Bitcoin/Ethereum/Litecoin/Bitcoin Cash
  • How to Deposit & Withdraw Cryptocurrencies to your Bittrex Account
  • How to Buy/Sell/Trade on Bittrex
  • Contact Support

How to Create an Account on Bittrex



Visit their official website then scroll a little bit on the website until you find a button that says GET STARTED NOW, click on it to Register.


Type your email, password and hit sign up.

Make sure you type a very complex password that contains uppercase, lowercase, numbers, symbols, and characters.

Check your email for a verification link.


Once we are done with that we need to sign in to your Bittrex account.

Once we’ve successfully signed in click on Settings on the right side of the website


On the left side, you will notice Basic Verification, Phone Verification, and Enhanced Verification. Make sure you provide documents for all of them in order to be able to continue with trading. Usually, verification process takes around 1-24 hours.


To make our account even more secure we need to set up 2FA (Google Authenticator) protection.

Click on Settings then from the menu select Two-Factor Authentication, download the app on your phone. Proceed with the security steps. While creating two-factor authentication you will be given a secret key, in case if your phone gets lost or stolen you can recover your 2FA with that secret key.

Make sure you keep it somewhere safe!


Your 2FA will be used each time you want to sign into your account you will be given on your phone app a random 6 digit code that changes every 20-30 seconds.

How to Fund your Bittrex Account with Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin

Before we can start buying any “Altcoins” we will need to fund our account with Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. You can’t fund BitTrex with USD or any other fiat currency. In this guide we will use Coinbase as an example.

Begin by clicking “Wallets” on your Bittrex Dashboard.


Next you’d want to search Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash.

Click the ( + ) button next to the currency you searched up. The ( + ) means that you are DEPOSITING.

Coinbase 2  After selecting the ( + ) button, a window will pop down.


I acknowledge the following information: By depositing tokens to this address, you agree to our deposit recovery policy. Depositing tokens to this address other than BTC may result in your funds being lost.

Depositing tokens to this address other than BTC will result in your funds being lost.

Please keep that in mind.

Next, right click on your Address and COPY.

Coinbase 3

Now head on over to, sign in and click Send.

On the Send Page.

Recipient: You will need to PASTE your Bittrex BITCOIN ADDRESS.

NOTE: If you are sending, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cash. BE SURE YOU HAVE SELECTED THOSE ADDRESS. If you use the wrong address, Like Sending Bitcoin to an Ethereum Address, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR FUNDS.


Amount – Type in the Amount you are sending. Once again, if this is your first time sending from Coinbase, please send a small amount to confirm that everything went through correctly.

Make sure you are using the right wallet. To change your Coinbase wallet, Click where it says “BTC Wallet” then select the wallet you will be sending.

When you have Double and TRIPLE Check the info, Click > Send Funds.

You will receive a text PIN Code, Type it on the screen to confirm.

Coinbase 17

How To Check Your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash Transfer Transaction

In order to check your transaction going through, you will need to COPY AND PASTE the address you used to send and place it one of these sites below.

Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash





How to Deposit & Withdraw Cryptocurrencies / Altcoins to your Bittrex Account

If you want to deposit coins, click on Wallets on the right side of the website and choose from the menu which coin you want to deposit. In this case, we will explain you about DGB (Digibyte).


You will see a lot of +(plus) and – (minus) icons on the left side of each coin. Plus (+) means deposit and minus (-) means to withdraw. Since we said we will show you how to deposit DGB we need to click on the left side on the +.


It will show our DGB address that we need to deposit coins. Bear in mind if you trying to send other coins than Digibyte it may result in your funds to be lost.


If you want to Withdraw DGB click on the minus (-) icon on the left side, type the address where you want to receive coins or for example if your friends need 1000 DGB you can type his address, enter the amount of DGB you want to send and hit on Withdrawal.


To check the transactions history of all of your PENDING DEPOSITS or DEPOSITS HISTORY click on Wallets on the right side of the website and scroll to the very bottom. In there it will be listed all of your deposit history or if you have pending deposits already.


How to Buy/Sell/Trade on Bittrex

If you want to buy/sell/trade click on the Bittrex logo at the very top left corner and it will take you to the markets page. From the list of all coins, you can choose with which one you want to trade. In this case, we will show you how to do with DGB (Digibyte) but it’s pretty much the same with other coins. Also if you are bored of scrolling or looking through all the coins on the right side you have a search field, write in there DGB and the coin will automatically pop up.

You can trade with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT/BITCNY markets. Those are the 3 parties available.


Click on BTC-DGB  and you will notice the DGB chart will show up with other useful information, such as buying, selling, open orders, market history, order book and my order history.

If you want to buy DGB on the left side next to Units type the number of coins you want to buy, next to Bid make sure from the drop-down menu to select Last and at the end hit Buy Digibyte.


Selling DGB it’s pretty much the same as buying except you need to hit the Sell Digibyte button, you type the number of coins you want to sell, from the Ask (price) drop-down button menu select the Last price of it and hit Sell Digibyte


To keep track of all orders you can scroll a little bit down and find Open orders. In here it will be listed all of your active orders. For example, if we set to sell at price a bit higher from the one that is asked we need to wait until that price reach so someone can buy the coins from us.

Under My Order History it will be stored all of our finished orders (whether we have bought or sold).

Under Market History it’s listed all the finished buy/sell orders that people did.


Under ORDER BOOK it will be listed all active orders that are people selling or buying.



Contact Support

If you want to contact the Support scroll at the bottom of the website and click on Support.


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