Bytecoin Web Wallet

In this guide, we will show you how to setup Bytecoin Web Wallet.

Begin visiting their official website

Click > Get Wallet

Bytecoin Web Wallet

Click here if you would like to learn how to setup a Bytecoin Desktop Wallet

Under Web Wallet

Click > Open Web Wallet

Bytecoin Web Wallet 2

You’ll be navigated to

Next you will want to click > Sign Up

Bytecoin Web Wallet 3

Type in a username, email and password.

Tick – I’m not a robot

When you are ready, click > Sign Up

Bytecoin Web Wallet 4

Bytecoin Web Wallet Dashboard

Tip – Click > Total Balances and Bytecoin chart will appear.

Bytecoin Web Wallet 5

Let’s begin by clicking on > Create Address

This will generate a Bytecoin Address for you.

Bytecoin Web Wallet 6

Now that you have generated a new address you will use it to send and receive Bytecoins.

Bytecoin Web Wallet 7

Receiving Bytecoins

To Receive Bytecoin, Click on your Address

Bytecoin Web Wallet 8

Your Address Info will appear, along with a QR Code.

You will use this address to receive Bytecoin.

Copy and paste this to the sender.

Bytecoin Web Wallet 9

Sending Bytecoins

To send Bytecoin, Click on > Send from all addresses

Since we only have one address on this web wallet, it will say “All Address”

Click on the + to create a new Bytecoin Address.

Bytecoin Web Wallet 10

From: Select the address you will send Bytecoin from. In our case we only have one wallet.

To: Copy and Paste the receivers Address

Please make sure to double check the address.

Type in the amount of Bytecoin you are sending.

If you click on the “Option”

Fee – The fee amount when you are sending

Payment ID

Anonymity Level

Click Options again to hide.

When you are ready to send, Click > Next

Bytecoin Web Wallet 14Bytecoin Web Wallet 11

Now confirm the wallet you are sending from, who you are sending to – receivers address, and the amoulnt of Bytecoin you are sending.

When you are ready, Click > Send



Bytecoin Web Wallet 15


Bytecoin Transactions

From your homepage, you will have all your recent transactions on the right side.

Bytecoin Web Wallet 12

Bytecoin Web Wallet Settings

Here you can change your password and add a Two-Factor Authentication.

Bytecoin Web Wallet 13


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Congratulations on Your New Wallet!

If you need assistance please check out the support site!