In this guide, we will show you how to setup Daedalus Desktop Wallet for Cardano ADA.

Supported Coin: Cardano ADA

To get started, visit their official website

Click > Get Started > The Daedalus Wallet

cardano wallet 1

Click > Download.

cardano wallet 2

You’ll be navigated to the Daedalus Wallet Website >

Click > Download

cardano wallet 3

As of right now, Daedalus Wallet only supports Windows and MacOS.

Click on the software that corresponds with your operating device.

cardano wallet 4

Once you have downloaded the program, click on the icon to install Daedalus Wallet to your desktop.

cardano wallet 5

Choose Install Location.

Please be sure you have enough space storage on your device before downloading.

Click > Install

cardano wallet 6

Click > Close once the installation is complete.

cardano wallet 8

Now open Daedalus Wallet and it will ask you to select your Language.

Once you have selected your language, Click > Continue.

cardano wallet 9

Once you have read and understood the terms

Tick “I agree with terms of use

Click > Continue

cardano wallet 10

Send logs to the central server

You have an option on sending diagnose issues.

Click > Don’t Send or Continue

cardano wallet 11


Daedalus will start syncing the wallet. This will take a while, so please leave the window open for it to continue syncing. Please make sure you have enough space on your computer.

Once it’s complete syncing it will prompt you to the next page.

carando wallet 12

Creating Daedalus Wallet

Click > Create a New Wallet

carando wallet 13


Type in a Wallet Name.

Next you want to “Activate to create password”

Type in a strong password that is a minimum of 7 characters long, and have at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase and 1 number.

Once you have completed that, Click > Create Personal Wallet.

carando wallet 14

Recovery Phrase

You will see a 12-word phrase, this is your wallet backup phrase. It’s highly important that you will NOT share your Backup Phrase with anybody! If you happen to lose your backup phrase, you will lose your funds.

Next, Tick > “Please Make Sure Nobody Looks Into Your Screen Unless You Want Them TO Have Access To Your Funds.”

Click > Continue

Cardano Wallet 14

In this tutorial, we will be showing our Recovery Phrase but please DO NOT SHARE your recovery phrase.

You will receive a 12-word Recovery Phrase, WRITE THEM DOWN & COPY AND PASTE THEM in a document, in case of misspelling a word. Keep your document in a safe and secured place.

Once you have written down in the ORDER they have given you, Click > “Yes, I have Written it Down.”

Cardano Wallet 15

Next we need to confirm that we have written down the Recovery Phrase in the correct order.

“Tap each word in the correct order to verify your recovery phrase”

Once you have completed that, Click > Confirm

Cardano Wallet 16

Next you will Tick

“I Understand that my Wallet and Tokens are held securely on this device only and not on any servers.”

“I Understand that if this application is moved to another device or is deleted, my wallet can be only recovered with the backup phrase that I have written down and saved in a secure place.”

Once you have Tick, read and understood, Click > Confirm

Cardano Wallet 17

The Daedalus Wallet Dashboard


Cardano Wallet 18

Sending Cardano from Daedalus Wallet

Click > Send

Copy and Paste the Receiver’s Wallet Address – Please Double Check It’s Correct!

Type in the Amount

When you are ready, Click > Next

Cardano Wallet 19

Now we need to confirm the transaction.

It will show you the Reciever’s Wallet Address, Amount, Fees and your Total.

Once you are happy with that, type in your password to your wallet and Click > Send.

Cardano Wallet 21

Receiving Cardano Coin

Click > Receive

Above where it says “Your Wallet Address” you will use this address to receive Cardano.

Be sure to Copy and Paste to the sender to ensure no misspellings.

If the sender is next to you, they can simply scan the QR code to send you coins.

Once you have you sent and received your coins, you can generate a new address.

In order to do that, type in your password and Click > Generate New Address

You will receive a new address to use.

Cardano Wallet 20

Checking Cardano Transactions on Daedalus Wallet

Click > Transaction

Below you will have a list of all the Sent and Received Transactions.

Cardano Wallet 22

Daedalus Wallet Settings

Here you can change the name of your wallet.

Change the Transaction Assurance Security Level from Normal to Strict.

You can also change the Wallet Password.

Lastly, if for whatever reason, you can Delete your Wallet.

Cardano Wallet 23

Once you have created a wallet you can always create more.

In order to do that, you can click + Add Wallet, then follow the same steps as above.

Cardano Wallet 24

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Congratulations On Your New Wallet!

If you need assistance please check out the support site!

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