How to setup a Coinomi Wallet on your Andriod Device.

Official Site:

Supported Coins:

Go to Google Play / Play Store

Download / Install “Coinomi Wallet” or use this link:

Coinomi Mobile Wallet


Once installed, Tap on create a new wallet if this is your first time otherwise tap restore if you have an account.

Coinomi Wallet

A recovery phrase will be displayed. Write down the phrase and store it in a safe place. Once done, tap the checkbox and tap the next button.

You will then be asked to confirm your recovery phrase. Tap the words that correspond on your recovery phrase. Tap the next button.

Coinomi Mobile Wallet

Create a password. Tap next button.

Coinomi Mobile Wallet

Select the coins to use.  When Done, tap the finish button.

Coinomi Mobile Wallet

Read and Accept Terms and Condition.


How to Send or Receive Funds

On your Coinomi home screen.

Select the coins you like to make a transaction.

Coinomi Mobile Wallet

Select either “Send “or “Received”

Coinomi Mobile Wallet

Send Funds

A: Key In the wallet address or scan the QR code
B: Enter the Amount
C: Tap Send

Coinomi Mobile Wallet

To Receive Funds

A: Share you wallet address or show your QR code
B: Enter the amount

Coinomi Mobile Wallet

Restore Wallet

On your Overview screen tap the 3 dotted line (settings) on the left side of the screen.

Tap restore wallet and key in your recovery phrase.

Coinomi Mobile Wallet


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Congratulations On Your New Wallet!

If you need assistance please check out the company’s support site!