In this guide, we will show you how to setup DigiByte Go Wallet – Chrome Extension.

This is a quick and simple way to open a DigiByte wallet without having to sync the blockchain.

Supported Coin: Digibyte DGB

To get started, visit their official website

Click > Downloads

Digibyte Wallet

There will be a list of Official DigiByte Wallets.

In this guide, our focus will be on DigiByte Go Wallet, a chrome extension.

Click > Download Here under DigiByte Go Wallet.Digibyte Go Wallet 2

Chrome Web Store:

Click > Add To Chrome

Digibyte Go Wallet 3


A little pop-up window will appear.

Click > Add App

Digibyte Go Wallet 4


Next if you aren’t prompted to Chrome Apps Page, Copy and Paste this to your browser > chrome://apps

Next open the DigiByte Go Wallet.

Digibyte Go Wallet 5

Let’s begin setting up a DigiByte Go Wallet.

Click > Get Started

Digibyte Go Wallet 6


“DigiByte is a secure, finite, digital asset.

You can spend and use DigiByte at many websites and stores worldwide.

Just scan the code to pay.”

Click > Got it

Digibyte Go Wallet 7


“DigiByte trades like a currency. 

You can trade it for other currencies like Bitcoin, UD Dollars, Euros, or Pounds.

Daily exchange rates often fluctuate.”

Click > Make Sense

Digibyte Go Wallet 8

“You control your DigiBytes.

This app stores your DigiByte with cutting-edge security.

No one but you can access your DGB.”

Click > Create DigiByte Wallet

Digibyte Go Wallet 9


“No backups, no Digibytes.

Since only you control your money, you’ll need to save your backup phrase in case this app is deleted. 

Your wallet is never saved to cloud storage or standard device backups.”

We highly recommend you continue this process in order to save your DigiBytes Funds.

Click > Backup Wallet

Digibyte Go Wallet 10

“Are you being watched?

Now is a perfect time to assess your surroundings. Nearby windows? Hidden cameras? Shoulder-spies?

Anyone with your backup phrase can access or spend your Digibytes.”

Click > Got it

Digibyte Go Wallet 11


“Screenshots are not secure

If you take a screenshot, your backup may be viewed by other apps . You can make a safe backup with physical paper and a pen.”

Click > I Understand.

Digibyte Go Wallet 12

Now you will receive a 12-worded phrase. Be sure to write the phrase in the correct order.

Please carefully write down this phrase. We’ll confirm on the next screen.

Click > I’ve Written it down


Digibyte Go Wallet 13

Let’s verify your backup phrase.

You will need to tap the word in the correct order in which you received.

After you’ve completed that, click > Confirm.

Digibyte Go Wallet 14

“Your DigiByte wallet is backed up!

Be sure to store your recovery phrase in a secure place. If this app is deleted, your money cannot be recovered without it.”

Click > Got it

Digibyte Go Wallet 15

“Almost done! Let’s review. 

DigiByte is different – it cannot be safely held with a bank or web service.

  • I understand that my funds are held securly on this device, not by a company.
  • I understand that if this app is moved to another device or deleted, my DigiBytes can only be recovered with the backup phrase.

I have read, understood, and agree to the Terms of Use.”

Once you have read the terms, Check mark that you have understood the terms.

Click > Confirm & Finish

Digibyte Go Wallet 16

“Your DigiByte wallet is ready!

On this screen you can see all your wallets, accounts, and assets.” 

Feel free to remove that notification by clicking on the [x] mark on the top right.

Digibyte Go Wallet 17

Receiving DigiByte

To receive DigiByte, Click > Receive

You will be prompted to a QR Code and an Address below.

You will use this to receive DGB from your sender.

All you would need to do is click on the address and it will automatically copy.

If you would like to “Request Specific Amount >”

Digibyte Go Wallet 18


You will be prompted to this page.

Enter the amount you are requesting from the sender.

Click the on the arrow button.

Digibyte Go Wallet 19

If the sender is right next to you, they can just scan the QR Code or you can send them your address to receive your funds.

Digibyte Go Wallet 20


Sending DigiByte

To start sending DigiByte, Click > Send.

Since we don’t have any funds yet, we will need to fund our wallet.

“Start sending Digibyte

To get started, buy DigiBytes or share your address. You can receive DigiBytes from any wallet or service.

If you clicked on > Show DigiByte Address, it will navigate you to the Receive tab.

Withdraw your DGB assets from exchange using your address. It best to start out with a small amount to make sure it went though correctly.

Digibyte Go Wallet 21

After we have funded our DigiByte Go Wallet, click on the Send button.

Digibyte Go Wallet 27

Now you can enter the recipient address or you can scan the recipients QR code.

Digibyte Go Wallet 22

Enter the amount you’re sending.

Click on the arrow when you are done.

Digibyte Go Wallet 23


Now you will be prompted to a confirm page.

Double check the address, what wallet you are withdrawing funds from, the Fee and if you would like to add a message.

To view the Fee Options, scroll down.

When you are ready to send, Click the “Click to Send” button.

Digibyte Go Wallet 24

Here’s an example of the different Fee options.

The higher the urgency, the higher the fees.

  • Urgent
  • Priority
  • Normal
  • Economy
  • Super Economy

Digibyte Go Wallet 25

DigiByte Go Wallet Settings

Digibyte Go Wallet 26

DigiByte Go Wallet Transaction History

To View your Transactions History, on your home click on your Personal Wallet.

Digibyte Go Wallet 27

Here you can view all your Sent and Received transactions.

Digibyte Go Wallet 28

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Congratulations On Your New Wallet!

If you need assistance please check out the support site!


  1. I am having a problem. I am trying to set up the digibyte chrome extension and pressed create wallet and it says can not create wallet, network error. I am connected just fine to the network so what is the problem?

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