In this guide, we will show you how to setup Exodus Wallet for your Desktop.

Supported Coins:0x ZRX

Exodus Wallet Roadmap

To get started, visit their official website

Click > Download

You will have 3 to choose from: Windows, Mac and Linux.

In this version, we will download Windows 64 bit.

Exodus Desktop Wallet

After the download, double-click the downloaded file and give it a few seconds to install.

Once it’s done installing a notification pop-up will tell you that the installation was successful.

Click > OK to confirm.

Exodus Desktop Wallet

Open the wallet once it’s installed. If you click on Portfolio, you will notice that not all of the coins are listed.

Exodus Desktop Wallet

To list all available coins, Click on Settings > Assets > Select all the coins.

Feel free to choose any coins you’d like to show in your portfolio.

Exodus Desktop Wallet

Now go back to Portfolio, you will see all the coins that are supported by Exodus fully listed there. Please be sure to always check on Exodus official site or twitter feed for more news on supported coins.

Supported Coins

Exodus Desktop Wallet

Sending Coins

To send coins, Click > Wallet then select which coins you want to send.

For example, if you want to send Aragon; click on Aragon then on Send button.

Exodus Desktop Wallet

Another window will pop up where it will ask you for the address and amount of coins you want to send.

Please be sure to have enough Ethereum funds which will enable you to send Ethereum based tokens from Exodus.

Once you’ve filled the information, make sure you double check the address before sending the coins.

When you are ready to send, Click > Send.

Exodus Desktop Wallet

Receiving Coins

To receive coins, Click > Wallet, select the coin you want to receive.

Since we’ve explained how to send Aragon coins, simply follow the same procedure but click on receive instead.

Exodus Desktop Wallet

A window with the address and a bunch of other options such as copy address, email address, print address and view on blockchain will be prompted.

Click on the first icon to copy, Copy This Address, and give that address to the sender.

Exodus Desktop Wallet

Transactions History

Transactions will be listed under the particular coin dashboard. To check transactions, click on Wallet, select Aragon and you will notice Aragon Transactions (since we haven’t deposited any coins or received it will say “No Aragon transactions”).

This will be the same step for every coin supported by Exodus wallet. The same steps apply for other coins on how to send/receive or view transactions.

Exodus Desktop Wallet

Backing Up Exodus Wallet

To back up your wallet, we need to make a deposit. Use the method from above, on how to receive coins. Once you’ve received coins, click > Backup.

However, ensure you use a very strong password that contains letters, symbols, and characters. Perferably a 12 character word. Please be sure to keep your password safe!

Exodus Desktop Wallet

Next, confirm the password on the next step.

Exodus Desktop Wallet

Now we need to save the 12-words recover phrase. This recover phrase allows you to recover your wallet in case of loss or damage.

We don’t recommend users saving their 12 words digitally in any way. A USB can become infected, and a malicious person can just copy the file without the owner knowing it. We also don’t recommend writing it down as some people may misspell a word, or they may copy it out of order.

So we highly recommend users to “PRINT” and save that piece of paper in locked safe!

Exodus Desktop Wallet

Type your email address in to receive an email from Exodus. They will send you a backup link for safe keeping. You will need this if you lose access to your computer.

Exodus Desktop Wallet

How do I claim Bitcoin Gold?


As of January 19, 2017, Bitcoin Gold has been enabled in Exodus 1.43.0. To download the latest version, please follow the instructions here:

If you were holding Bitcoin in your Exodus wallet on October 24, 2017 you are entitled to the same amount of Bitcoin Gold. Below are the instructions on how to claim your Bitcoin Gold.  Important: This will NOT work unless you are updated to the latest version of Exodus.

To claim your Bitcoin Gold inside of Exodus, click on the help section then scroll all the way to the bottom of the help section to find the section titled; “How do I claim my Bitcoin Gold”. When you open that help section you will see a green button to start the process on claiming your Bitcoin Gold.

Step 1: Click on the Help button on the left side of Exodus. (Scroll down for Step 2)

Step 2: Scroll all the way to the bottom of the help section and find the help article titled “How do I claim my Bitcoin Gold?” – Click on that to expand it. (Scroll down for Step 3)   

Step 3: Read the text to tell you a little about the process then click the green button to begin to claim your Bitcoin Gold. (Scroll down for Step 4) 

Step 4: Exodus tells you the process is starting and gives you some information and a warning to be sure you are sending your Bitcoin Gold to a trusted source. Click the Blue Continue button. (Scroll down for Step 5)

Step 5: Exodus now asks you for your Bitcoin Gold address to know where you want your Bitcoin Gold sent. Exodus will also auto-populate this field with your current Exodus Bitcoin Gold address. Feel free to use the address or send it to any other Bitcoin Gold wallet of your choice. (Scroll down for Step 6)

Step 6: Exodus will now check your wallet and count up all your available Bitcoin Gold to send out. Depending on how many transactions you have – this process takes about 10 minutes. Click the blue “Check My Wallet Now” button to begin. (Scroll down for Step 7)

Step 7: Exodus now tells you the total amount of Bitcoin Gold you have to send out and also gives you the network mining fee this transaction will cost to send out. This transaction could take 1-2 hours to confirm. If everything looks good click the red “Send” button. (Scroll down for Step 8)

Step 8: Your Bitcoin Gold has been sent! You can click on the blue “View TX” button to monitor the status of your transaction. Remember, Bitcoin Gold could take 1-2 hours to confirm so be patient while you monitor your receiving address.

How do I upgrade Exodus?


To upgrade Exodus, follow these steps. Note that installing a new version and overwriting an old version is safe. Exodus keeps your blockchain assets in a separate location.

1. Quit Exodus if it is running.

2. Download the latest Exodus release available at: Security minded users may also wish to verify the authenticity of your download.

3. Installation:

– Windows users: Double click on the downloaded package to run the installer.

– Mac users: Double click the disk image then drag Exodus onto the applications folder, overwriting the old version.

– Linux users: Download and unzip the new version and replace the existing installation with the new one.

4. Refresh: Once the update has been completed, please perform a refresh of your wallet to be sure you are synchronized with the blockchain:

If you are experiencing strange behavior from your Exodus wallet, and reinstalling has not fixed the problem, you may need to restore your wallet:

If you aren’t sure what you need to do to fix the problem, contact and we’d be happy to help you out!



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