In this guide, we will show you how to setup Hcash – Hshare Desktop Wallet.

Supported Coin: Hcash, Hshare HSRE

Let’s begin visiting the official website

On the right side you will see Download wallet, hover the mouse to expand with options and click > Windows.

Hcash - Hshare Desktop Wallet

Once it’s downloaded make sure you right click on it then Extract to.

If windows firewall asks for permission just click > Allow access so the wallet can proceed to sync itself.

Hcash - Hshare Desktop Wallet

Wait for the wallet to fully sync.Once it’s done syncing click on Settings > Encrypt wallet.

Once it’s done syncing click on Settings > Encrypt wallet.Make sure you type very long and complex password that will contain upper case,

Make sure you type very long and complex password that will contain upper case, symbols, characters, and numbers.

Hcash - Hshare Desktop Wallet

Keep your passphrase safe because if you LOSE YOUR PASSPHRASE YOU WILL LOSE ALL OF YOUR COINS!

Once you’ve entered the passphrase, on the next notification window that will pop up, click > YES.

Hcash - Hshare Desktop Wallet

Another notification window will pop up. Click > OK and the wallet will automatically shut down to finish its encryption process.

Hcash - Hshare Desktop Wallet

Re-open the wallet.The next thing we should do is backing up of

The next thing we should do is backing up of your wallet.

To do that, go to File > Backup wallet.

Hcash - Hshare Desktop Wallet

Save it with whatever name you want and I would recommend you to keep this file on your USB or somewhere safe where nobody can find it except you.

Hcash - Hshare Desktop Wallet

Sending HShare

To send coins, Click > Send button.

Pay to: type the address of the person that you want to send coins to.

Label: this is optional, but you can name it to keep things organized.For example, if you want to send coins to your father, you will label ‘Father’ and it will be automatically saved in your address book as

For example, if you want to send coins to your father, you will label ‘Father’ and it will be automatically saved in your address book as ‘Father’.

Amount: type the amount of coins you want to send

When you are ready to send, Click > Send.

Hcash - Hshare Desktop Wallet


Receive HShare

To receive coins, Click > Receive

At the bottom, you’ll click > New address

In the Label, for example, you can write Own address or you can leave it as blank then click OK.

Once you’ve created your address, right click on it then click on Copy address and send it to the person that’s going to send you coins.

Hcash - Hshare Desktop Wallet


Transaction History

To track all transactions, click > Transactions and it will show you all the transactions you have sent and received.

Hcash - Hshare Desktop Wallet


Backing Up Hcash | Hshare Desktop Wallet

Looking to backup and restore your wallet? Here’s how (Windows OS)

The following is 13 steps explaining how users with windows computers can backup and restore their wallets.

Please ensure you follow each point in a step-by-step manner.

Step 1 — Ensure that your wallet is closed

Step 2 — Open your Local Disk C:\

Note: Not all (C:) drives will be named ‘Acer’, this only occurs because the system that was used to write this tutorial was an Acer.

Step 3 — Enable hidden files so you can access your ‘AppData’ folder

Note: To enable this on Windows 10, click the ‘View’ tab at the top left of your folder screen, then tick the ‘Hidden items’ box. By default your ‘AppData’ file is hidden. This file is necessary to access because it is the only way to reach your wallet files. This tutorial is only for Windows 10 PCs. For information on how to access this folder for your operating system, please Google ‘How to find the AppData file in [your operating system]’.

Step 4 — From here, enter Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\HShare

Note: The ‘Admin’ file refers to the name of your administrator account (rather than ‘Admin’, this is usually your computers username).

Step 5 — Copy your wallet.dat file (shown below) onto a USB (do not email or transfer to yourself using any online methods)

Note: Your wallet.dat file is the most important file in your Hshare folder. This file contains your public and private key, so please ensure that you DO NOTdelete this file, or else your tokens will be lost.

Step 6 — From here you’ll need to download a new Hcash wallet onto a new computer

From this computer you will restore your wallet.dat backup and receive your tokens. Go to and download the appropriate wallet from the top right of the page.

Note: The reason we need you to download a new wallet onto another computer rather than just re-downloading the wallet on your current computer is that if anything went wrong during this process, you would have no additional backup and you could lose all of your tokens. So, to avoid this, you need to restore your current wallet onto another computer. Additionally, restoration processes work across multiple operating systems, meaning, you would be able to download a new wallet onto a mac computer and restore your windows wallet backup file, however, instructions for this will not be given here, but will be created later in another tutorial. Until then, please contact Hcash support via Facebook to receive help.

Step 7 — Open the wallet and wait for it to fully synchronize to the network

Note: If red text appears next to the ‘Wallet’ and ‘Recent transactions’ columns, that means your wallet is out of sync. You must wait until your wallet is synchronized and the red text disappears to begin the backup process.

Step 8— Set a passphrase and encrypt the wallet

Do this by going to ‘Settings’, ‘Encrypt Wallet’ and then entering a passphrase.

Step 9 — After the wallet has been synced and encrypted, repeat steps 1–4 on the new computer

Meaning, close your new wallet and get to the HShare file location.

Step 10 — Rename your new wallet file to wallet1

Step 11 — Copy your old wallet file into your new computers HShare folder location

Step 12 — Open the Hcash wallet application from the desktop (named Hshare-QT), and see if your tokens have returned

Note: Your wallet will need to quickly sync to the network, so ensure that your wallet is connected to the internet.

Step 13 — Receive your tokens!

We hope that this tutorial has helped you clearly understand how to backup and restore your Hshare wallet on a windows machine.



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