In this guide, we will show you how to setup IndieSquare Wallet for your iOS/Android.

Official Website:


Everything you need on mobile
Push notifications
Never miss a transction, get notified when somebody send you bitcoin or tokens

Fiat values
Check the value of the token in your local currency

Asset image registrations
Bring the creativity out of tokens by adding an image

Create multiple addresses to organize tokens (coming soon)
Use multiple addresses for convenience and increased privacy

Integration with other apps
Connect with IndieSquare Wallet for community management and monetization of your app

Let’s begin by heading to the app store on your phone, tap on Search and type in the search bar “IndieSquare” or click the links below.

Apple Store:

Google Play:

Download and install.

Open Indie Square, then click > Create a New Wallet

IndieSquare Wallet 01

Create New Account

Are you sure you would like to create new account?

Click > Create

IndieSquare Wallet 2

Account successfully created

You’re almost ready to get started!

We just need to set up a few things..

Click > Next

IndieSquare Wallet 3

Write down this recovery phrase!

If you lose your device or the app you need this to recover your bitcoin and tokens. You can check it later in the settings.


If somebody has this phrase they WILL be able to steal your bitcoins and tokens.

When you have written down your recovery phrase, Click I wrote it down.


When you are ready to continue, Click > Continue

IndieSquare Wallet 4

Set a 4 digit passcode

This will be your pin code for the app allowing you to authorize transactions

Type a 4 digit number then click > SET PASSCODE

You will then need to confirm your passcode.

IndieSquare Wallet 6

IndieSquareWallet is a Bitcoin 2.0 wallet that along with letting you send and receive bitcoin allows you to…





IndieSquare Wallet 7

Welcome to IndieSquare Wallet!

This page shows your bitcoin and tokens and their balances.

IndieSquare Wallet 8

Receiving Crypto Coins

Receive bitcoin and tokens by tapping the Receive Tab.

IndieSquare Wallet 10

My Address

(receive your bitcoin and tokens)

To receive crypto, you will need to send them your Address.

Tap to Copy, then paste that to the sender.

If the sender is next to you, they can easily scan your QR code.

IndieSquare Wallet 11

Sending Crypto Coins

Send bitcoin and tokens by tapping the send button.

IndieSquare Wallet 9

Type in the amount of “Cryptocurrency” you’d like to send.

To Address: PASTE the recipients address.

If the person is next to you, you can click on the QR icon and scan their QR to receive their Address.

You also have an option for the sending fee.

When you are ready, Click > Send

IndieSquare Wallet Send

Fee Priority

IndieSquare Wallet – Exchange

How to use

Buy and Sell your favorite tokens for XCP!

Simply choose whether to buy or sell.

You can set your own price or checkout the open buyers or sellers.

Click > I GOT IT!

(More information on using this exchange coming soon)

IndieSquare Wallet 12

IndieSquare Wallet 13

Transaction History

To view your sent and received transaction, click on the History Tab.

IndieSquare Wallet 14

IndieSquare Wallet – Menu

To view the menu, Click on the far right, Menu Tab.

You will see:


(Your Address)



Medium Prority


IndieSquare Wallet 15

Click on the arrow [ > ] next to menu.

Here you can rename your wallet. Instead of MAIN – you can choose to rename that.

You can also generate a new address, Click > Create New Address

You will be asked to name that wallet.

Once you have confirmed your wallet, it will appear under the “Main” Wallet.

IndieSquare Wallet 16

FAQ – IndieSquare Wallet

Here you can check out the FAQs regarding the wallet.

IndieSquare Wallet 17

IndieSquare Priority

Here you can change the priority of sending a transactions.

IndieSquare Wallet 18

IndieSquare Settings

IndieSquare Wallet 19

If you havn’t saved your recovery phrase or you’ve lost it, if you click > Recovery Phrase.

You’ll be shown the recovery phrase. PLEASE BE SURE TO KEEP IT SAFE!


Show the Recovery phrase?

Please do not show it to anybody. Also, screenshots may be seen by unexpected synchronization.

Please note on paper and keep it in a safe place.

Click > SHOW!

IndieSquare Wallet 20

Then enter your passcode.

IndieSquare Wallet 21 IndieSquare Wallet 22

Encrypt IndieSquare Wallet

Before encrypting your wallet with a password make sure you have a backup copy of your recovery phrase!

If you forget your password your wallet cannot be decrypted and you will need to restore from your recovery phrase.

If you need to copy your recovery phrase, please click > Take Notes.

When you are ready to encrypt your wallet, Click > Encrypt Wallet

IndieSquare Wallet 23

Enter a secure password for your wallet.

IndieSquare Wallet 24

Wallet Encrypted

You will now be required to enter your password on app load.

IndieSquare Wallet 25

Coin Wallet Guide small logo

Congratulations On Your New Wallet!

If you need assistance please contact the support site!

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