In this guide, we will show you how to setup LOBSTR Web Wallet for Stellar XLM.

Visit their official website

Click on the right side on Wallets.

Stellar Wallet

And on the next page you will see a few options for wallets, select Web Wallets and choose LOBSTR.

Lobstr Lumen Web Wallet 1


The only wallet for your Lumens

Lobstr is the most awesome stellar wallet yet. Being powerful and super easy to use, Lobstr is your best companion in managing Lumens! 

Next, you’ll be prompted to this Lobstr Sign Up Page –

You can signup using your email, Facebook, Google account or Phone Number.

When you are ready, Click > Sign Up

Lobstr Lumen Web Wallet

After signing up with an email, you will need to confirm your account.

Lobstr Lumen Web Wallet 2


Thanks for joining Lobstr.

Please click HERE to verify your account and get started.

Once the account is activated, you can sign in and create a Stellar wallet. If you already have one, just attach it to Lobstr. Please notice that activation link expires at xxx.xx.xxxx

That’s it.

Go on with your lumens manage transactions and have a goof time using the application.

Best wishes,

Lobstr Team.

Check your inbox for Lobster Confirmation Email and Click > Here on the email.

Lobstr Lumen Web Wallet 3


After verifying your account, head back to the sign in page and sign in.

Lobstr Lumen Web Wallet 4

Welcome to Your best stellar Client.

To start using our services you will need to add a Stellar account.

Now that you have activated your account, you will need to create a Stellar account.

In order to do that, Type in a Username and click > Create Account.

If you have an existing stellar account, Click > Add an Existing account.

Lobstr Lumen Web Wallet 5

Recovery Code

This code will help you recover your account in case of password loss. Please, write up this code and store it securely. You can’t retrieve it later.

It’s highly important that you write down this code and double check it in case you misspelled any of the words. Once you have written down the recovery code and safely stored it somewhere.

Tick > Ok, I understand that I need to save the recovery code.

Tick > Email me the recovery code.

When you are ready, Click > OK

Lobstr Lumen Web Wallet 6

You now have a Stellar Username and Stellar Address.

Lobstr Lumen Web Wallet 7

Lobstr Dashboard

This is your Lobstr Dashboard.

Lobstr Lumen Web Wallet 8

Sending Lumens XLM

To send XLM, Click > Send either from the Menu on the left or the top right (Send Money)

Lobstr Lumen Web Wallet 9

A Send Payment window will pop up.

Send to (recipients username or address)

Type in the receivers username or address


Type the amount you are sending

Message (memo, up to 28 characters)

When you are ready to send, Click > Send

Lobstr Lumen Web Wallet 10

Receiving Lumens

To receive Lumens, You will need to send either your Stellar Username – USERNAME*

Or your Lumen address.

Another option is Requesting Money.

Click > Request Money

Lobstr Lumen Web Wallet 11

A window will pop up,

Request Payment

Account: Copy and paste the senders address

Amount: Type in the amount

Message: Add a message

When you are ready, Click > Request

Lobstr Lumen Web Wallet 12

Lobstr Transaction History

To view your recent transactions, Click > History

All your sent and received transactions will be there.

Lobstr Lumen Web Wallet 13

Lobstr Access History

If you click on > Access History, there will be a record of all the times you have accessed your Lobstr account.

Lobstr Lumen Web Wallet 14

Lobstr Contacts

If you frequently send XLM, an easier way than to copy and paste the receivers address is to create a contact.

Click > Add Contact

Lobstr Lumen Web Wallet 15

Copy and paste the receivers stellar account and add a description.

This will makes things easier when you are sending or requesting XLM from someone frequently.

Lobstr Lumen Web Wallet 16

Lumens Converter

Click > Converter

Here you can convert the XLM current to the USD Fiat.

There will also be XLM chart available for you.
Lobstr Lumen Web Wallet 17

Lobster on Other Platforms

Google Play:

App Store:

Lobstr Lumen Web Wallet 19

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Congratulations On Your New Wallet!

If you need assistance please contact the support site!

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