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How to Setup Peercoin-QT Desktop Wallet

Supported Coin: Peercoin PPC

Peercoin wallet support the following platforms: Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android

Let’s begin by visiting their official website

Click “Wallet”

Click > Download Peercoin-QT

Click on the button where it says DOWNLOAD. Once its download right click on the zip file and click Extract To.

Once it’s downloaded, right click on the zip file and click Extract To.If you have a 32-bit version of Windows, click on the 32 folder and run the peercoin-0.6.0-setup.exe application. Or if you have 64-bit version of Windows go to 64 folder and run the peercoin-0.6.0-setup.exe application.


After selecting Peercoin-0.6.0-setup.exe, go through the Peercoin Setup Wizard. Follow the steps below.

After running the application a firewall window will pop up, make sure you click Allow access so the nodes can start working on syncing the wallet.

Peercoin Wallet Dashboard

Wait for the wallet to finish syncing.

After the wallet is done with syncing click Settings > Encrypt wallet.

Peercoin Wallet

Make sure you type really long and strong password that will contain upper case, letters, symbols characters then click > OK.

A notification window will pop up. Make sure you CAREFULLY read it and hit YES to continue.

Another notification window will pop up.

Click > OK.

If the wallet freezes that is completely fine and let it automatically close. Open the wallet again.

How to Backup Peercoin Wallet

To backup your wallet, Click File > Backup Wallet

Keep in mind, after each update on the balance of our wallet, we need to do a backup. Make sure to keep the wallet.dat (backup) of the wallet somewhere safe.

Next, find a safe place to back up your wallet.

You will also need to name your Wallet Data .dat backup file.

When you are ready to save, Click > Save.

How to Send Peercoins

To send coins click on Send tab.

Pay to: Type the Peercoin address that you are sending coins to.

Label: (Optional) Use this to label each transaction. For example, if I want to send coins to my friend I write into the label box “friend” and after I click send, that address will automatically save into my address book and I can use it for future payments.

Amount: type the number of coins you want to send then click at the end

Before sending make sure you double-confirm if the address is correct because if you send coins to a wrong address there’s no way of chargebacks!

When you are ready to send, click > Send (bottom right)

How to Recieve Peercoins

To receive coins click on Receive tab

Right-click on the public address then click Copy Address or click on the address until it highlighted in green, click on the Copy Address on the bottom and send it to the person that wants to send you coins.

If you want you can also generate a new address by pressing the New Address button.

You can also “Label” each Public Address. For example, the first one says (no label) and the newly generated address we labeled “Public Address 2”. This will help keep track of each Peercoin Addresses.

How to Track your Peercoin-QT Transactions

To keep track of all transactions

Click > Transactions and all the transactions you’ve made, whether they are sent or received will be listed there.


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Congratulations On Your New Wallet!

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