In this guide, we will show you how to setup PotWallet.

Supported Coin: 

To get started, visit their official website

Click > Wallets

Potcoin Wallet

Under the tap “Online Wallets” Click > Get Started on PotWallet.

Potcoin Wallet 2

It will navigate you to 

Click > Register

Potcoin Wallet 3

Register with PotWallet

Type in a Username, Email, & Password.

When you are ready, Click > I’m not a robot then Click > Register

Potcoin Wallet 4

You will be navigated to the setting page.

In order to verify your account, PotWallet will email you a verification code.

Potcoin Wallet 5

Copy and Paste the Verification Code.

Potcoin Wallet 6

Now your PotWallet account has been verified.

Potcoin Wallet 7


Sending Potcoin

To send Potcoin, Click > Send

You will need to copy and paste the Recipient’s Potcoin Address. Please double check the address.

Type in the amount of PotCoin you’ll be sending.

You have an option to type in a note to the receiver.

When you are ready, Click > Send PotCoins

Potcoin Wallet 8

Receiving PotCoins

To Receive PotCoins, Click > Receive

Where it says “Address” that is the address you’d use to receive PotCoins.

Copy and Paste the Address to the person sending you PotCoins.

Click > Generate New Address to create a new PotCoin Address

Potcoin Wallet 9

If the sender is next to you, they can easily scan your QR Code which contains your PotCoin Address.

Potcoin Wallet 10

PotCoin Transaction History

To view both sent and received PotCoin Transaction, Click > Transaction.

Potcoin Wallet 11

Buy & Sell PotCoins

Another available feature is buying and selling PotCoins from your Web Wallet.

Potcoin Wallet 12

Potcoin Wallet 13

Here you can Post a Trade for PotCoins

Potcoin Wallet 14

If you would like to accept PotCoin on your website, you can easily create a merchant page.

You will need to add your Display Name, Page Username, Location, Caption and an image.

Potcoin Wallet 15


If you need more help with your PotCoin Wallet, click on Resources.

Potcoin Wallet 16

Coin Wallet Guide small logo

Congratulations On Your New Wallet!

If you need assistance please check out the support site!

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