In this guide, we will show you how to setup RaiWallet.

Supported Coin: RaiBlocks XRB

To get started, visit their official website

Click > Get Started


Under “Use The Online Wallet”

Click > Web Wallet

RaiBlocks web wallet

You’ll be navigated to 

Click > Sign Up

Raiblocks web wallet raiwallet

A Sign Up pop-up window will show up.

Register with an email and password.

When you are ready, Click > Sign Up

Raiblocks web wallet raiwallet 1

Wallet Registration successful!



This is your wallet identifier. You need it to login to your wallet. It can be replaced with an alias to make it easier to remember from the wallet settings page. If you lose it, it can be recovered if you have access to the email address you have registered with. The wallet under this identifier is stored at our servers encrypted with your password, the one you used to register. If you forget that password you won’t be able to decrypt your wallet and as we don’t know your password we won’t be able to recover it either. But there is another security measure you can take. This is your wallet’s seed:



Back up this seed somewhere safe. Anyone who knows it is able to generate all your private keys, thus having access to your funds. So if you forget your password but you have the seed you can recover your funds.

Click > Go To Your Wallet

Raiblocks web wallet raiwallet 2

RaiWallet Dashboard

Raiblocks web wallet raiwallet 3

Sending RaiBlocks

To send Raiblocks, Click > Send under “Your Raiblocks, Anywhere”

From: Select which wallet you use to send RaiBlocks

(If this is your first RaiWallet, you will only have one wallet on this account.)

To: Copy and Paste the Receiving Address

Please double check the address of the receiver

Amount: Type in the amount of XRB you’ll be sending.

When you are ready, Click > Send

Raiblocks web wallet raiwallet 4

Receiving RaiBlocks

To receive RaiBlocks, you will have 2 options.

The first option is, you can copy and paste your XRB Address to the sender and they will send you XRB.

The second option is, Clicking Receive.

Select the “Account” you’d like to receive XRB.

Include the amount of coins you’d like to receive.

A QR code will generate, now if the sender is next to you they can scan the QR code.

Or you can copy and paste the QR code to the sender.

Raiblocks web wallet raiwallet 6RaiBlocks Transaction History

To view your transactions, Click > Transactions and you will have a record of all the Sent and Received Transactions.

Raiblocks web wallet raiwallet 7

RaiWallet Settings

Raiblocks web wallet raiwallet 8

RaiWallet Security


Raiblocks web wallet raiwallet 7Coin Wallet Guide small logo

Congratulations On Your New Wallet!

If you need assistance please check out the support site!

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