In this guide, we will show you how to set up a Zcash Desktop Wallet through zcash4win.

Please note that this wallet is not ZCash’s official wallet but they are approved by the Zcash Community

Let’s begin by visiting the following website and to download the latest version of Zcash wallet Click > Get 1.0.11 Now!

Zcash4win Desktop Wallet


Save the wallet software to your desktop. Once the wallet finishes downloading, install it. Once you’ve done with installing, open the file.

It will inform you that it needs to download a large file which happens only ONCE.

Click > OK to continue.

Zcash4win Desktop Wallet

If you have enabled Windows firewall, Click > Allow Access in order for the wallet to be fully functional.

After that, another pop-up will show ‘Downloading proving key’.

Give it a time, let it download.

Zcash4win Desktop Wallet
Once it’s downloaded/synced, Click > Wallet then Click > Encrypt.

Make sure you type a very complex passphrase which includes, symbols, characters, uppercase, numbers, letters.

Zcash4win Desktop Wallet


Keep the encrypted file somewhere safe, recommended on your USB/Hardware.

To create a new address, Click > Own Addresses then Click > New T (Transparent) address.

Zcash4win Desktop Wallet

To show the private key of the address, make sure you select the address then Click > Wallet and Select > Show Private key.

The private key will automatically be copied to the clipboard, so make sure you open a new text document and paste the private key there. Keep your private key safe! DO NOT SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE!

Once you’re finished with that, Click > Done.

Zcash4win Desktop Wallet

How to Send Zcash on zcash4win

To send coins, Click > Send Zcash

Destination Address: Copy and paste the address that you are sending the coins to

Memo: (Optional) It’s like a message that you want to send along with the coins, which are preferably used if you are sending coins to a private address.

Amount: Type the number of coins you want to send

Once you are ready to send, Click > Send.

Since this wallet is made by supporters of Zcash and not the official developers, they have added fee while sending coins to someone. If you don’t want to send a fee to the developers of this wallet, you can type 0 where it says Wallet Dev Fee, it’s up to you.

Zcash4win Desktop Wallet

How to Receive Zcash from zcash4win

To receive coins, copy the address you made in “Own Addresses” tab and send that to the person sending you Zcash.

Right click on the address and Click > Copy Value.


How to Check your Zcash Transactions

To keep track of transactions, navigate to the Overview tab. In there it will automatically list all the transactions you have made, either received or sent.

Zcash4win Desktop Wallet


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Congratulations On Your New Wallet!

If you need assistance please check out the support site!

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